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Believing the News

Here you can download "Believing the News", find out more info about it, and read some reviews.

Most of the reviews here come from the website Garage Band. Its an amazing site, where songs can be submitted for review by other musicians. Well worth checking out for tonnes of amazing and unusual music from all genres. Most bands there let you download and listen to their music free of charge.

Song Info

Believing the News - an acoustic song
by singer-songwriter Tom Kerswill
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Believing the News

Written all those years ago in the winter of 1999, and the first original song that I performed live. It's got a mood that hasn't changed through its various reincarnations. Originally written with a long didge intro, it now cuts straight in with a minimalist arrangement - just rhodes and voice, before the acousitc guitar cuts in. A song which tells a story.


Cold harbor is my name
And I am cold as ice
Oh God, forget my fame
It's misting up your eyes
Some folks like to daydream
Then they wonder what they've seen
Hidden in the rubble
That has fallen by their feet

Got to save my soul tonight
I did not give a thought
Who do you think you are believing?
Who do you think you are?

I went down to check my soul
It had not caught alight
I went, saw believers
Believe everything in site
I was shown a paper
Had something about a fight
You, you're not believers
You just want to know the night

Got to save my soul tonight
I did not give a thought
Who do you think you are believing?
Who do you think you are?

Hate came down and held your hand
You did not blink an eye
I looked down into my knees
The devil in disguise

Coldness harboured in these eyes and
In the news presenters' eyes and
In the news was all their lies
And no-one knew


Superb Production

Song has a nice feel to it right from the start,with a really nice tone from the accoustic. Song builds nicely with the bass jumping in and out.Vocals are really clear and lyrics are easy to understand.The production on this song is superb, remember this is a realplayer file I imagine that the actual CD recording would sound fantastic...Good effort

Ali ("SLKguitarist") Tullibody, Scotland

Nice Tune

I ... was drawn in by its moody lamenting quality. Nice pure and emotional vocalist.

killerflamingos Dearborn, Michigan

Nice Tone

I like the closeness of the recording. Great capture of the voice and guitar. I like the immediacy of the guitar and the finger scrapes. The mood is sombre. The lyrics are good. The song is not very complex but it works.

Camdie Michigan

Return of the singer-songwriter?

Beachweb - Baltimore, Maryland

Melody is smooth and pleasant to listen to

Eddie Starter - Licoln, UK

The beginning has a younger Elton John sound to it... but then it transforms into a mellow James Taylor. Two really great musicians... The mood is.... kind of mellow/sad/chill. GREAT JOB!

Ivey911 - Decatur, Alabama

Dripping with emotion.... vocalist and... melody reminds me of The Verve Pipe. Well-recorded with a nice simple arrangement. Strong, well-sung lyrics.... performance and production really communicates the mood

jerkdynamite - Denver, Colorado

Sad, sensitive, delicate.... Fragile, whispery acoustic song

[Unknown reviewer] -

Radio potential with style

Fills the speakers with a soft gentle mood that really embraces the listener... production is great and the mix is crystal clear... Chorus is as touching as an Emily Watson Book - Some great radio potential here.

Coldstone - Setubal, Portugal

Nice voice - sounds as if you have live through the song (if that makes sense)...

NoddyFogg Crew - Lincoln, UK

You don't beat around the bush, and that's good... A solid song with a sweetly-melancholic vibe to it... Nice.

top5 - Shorewood, Wisconsin

Nice job

Unknown reviewer - Odense, Fyn, Denmark

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