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Here you can download "Gravity", find out more info about it, and read the lyrics.

Not all that many reviews yet... we've only just finished recording it. But check back in the next few weeks as reviews start coming in. Or feel free to Contact us If you've got or seen a review!

Song Info

Gravity - Acoustic song by
singer-songwriter Tom Kerswill
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Here's an unusual version of the song Gravity for you. The song was recorded live using just two mics. It features Tom on acoustic guitar and vocals, plus CFR on lead guitar. It's not polished - there's no click tracks or posh production. But we thought it had a certain something, so have put it up here for you to check out!


Closed circuit TV
Peace of mind
And they're serving up gravy
And Angel's Delight
I was struck by the notion of
Saving Time
And how it's done nothing for
The peace of mind we're all
Looking for.

Deep in the soul
The sun goes back in its hole
In the ground
Nothing is found
We all stare into the ground
God save us all
from feeling too proud
Coz gravity keeps us all
stuck to the ground

You find politcs boring
But are alarmed when they all come
Crashing down around you
Demand that you all turn a blind eye.
Next doors installed a new
And they're keeping me from sleeping
With a million conversations
On their mobile-phone computer-generated
Random noise

Here on the ground,
They don't stop
Running around
And hope comes crashing to ground
When you know
You're just part of the crowd
God save us all
from feeling too proud
Coz gravity keeps us all
stuck to the ground


Gravity -

Superb songwriting and guitarological skills add up to a very nice song indeed! This is Tom's latest offering and it will become one of your most treasured downloads!

Colin Lynch - review appears on front page of