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Scottish band... seminal album is "100 Broken Windows" (released in 2000). They claim to be poets - and the first rock musicians to unleash postmodernism on an unsuspecting public with their single "These Wooden Ideas". The Remote Part (2002) is their latest album, widely proclaimed as a poetic work of genius.


Idlewild are a Scottish rock band influenced by punk and poetry. They formed at Edinburgh University in 1995 and have gone on to record three great albums.

They first received attention because of their live shows - which had a reputation for more than a little craziness. They're done some incredible sets at Glastonbury, including one on the mud-soaked other stage in 1998.

Their discography includes Hope Is Important, 100 Broken Winows and The Remote Part. All of them contain great lyrics and some heavy but beautiful guitars.

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Idlewild - The Remote Part

The Remote Part

Idlewild - One Hundred Broken Windows

100 Broken Windows

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