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Always Be There

Here you can download "Always Be There", find out more info about it, and read some reviews.

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Song info

Always Be There - a slow, sad
acoustic love song by Tom Kerswill
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Always Be There

The latest of these set of songs. Written in 2003 while at university. It's got the elements of a love song but... well, isn't just a love song. This arrangement sets it as it's always meant to have been played: just me and an acoustic guitar, plus some piano which was never meant to make it into the final mix but just, well, worked. In some ways an ode to modern life, in some ways just a simple acoustic song.


The drugs mean nothing
The music's in me
Felt like love and good and hate
And I don't know

So I wait until the sunrise
And I feel it
I'm not crazy but I feel
Alive forever
You're my waylight
And my anchor
Pure and simple
And the saviour of my fervour
And religion

I shouldn't be here
I'm going nowhere
Stay and sing a while
I'm busy writing into words
Your fallen king

Always be here for me singing
To the streetlights
Always casting limelight heavenwards
While I'm sleeping
Always ordering from Amazon
And receiving
Comms and telephones and changing stations
On your stereo

Fell asleep on the pavement
Tired and happy
Loneliness had got a glow inside
I thought that you love me
And then I felt happy
I'm not singing all this f***ed upness inside

We'll climb mountains
And slide down them
And paint pictures
And kiss strangers
And then shyly run away from
All this city life is draining
But there's freedom
In the streets and I can hide there
I can feel them



Nice vocals! The emotional content has a realness to it which is... rare. The mood has a sadness to it which is beautifully expressed, both lyrically and vocally.


Bittersweet and stylish lovesong

A well recorded simply produced alternative ballad with depth to the lyrics and meaning. Very moving and heartfelt!


Carry you home through the night

Great guitar and vocals... like Nick Drake... Great lyrics - A great song to carry you home through the night.

Stereochild - Martin, Tennessee

Tired and Happy

Reminiscent of a Cat Stevens song.. feeling comes through loud and clear... melodies are strong.

WideEyed - Ypsilanti, Michigan

Great acoustic track

Great acoustic track. The vocals were great - I though I was listening to some acoustic version of a song from some band on the radio or something - just had that effect. The lyrics are great, and throughout the whole song I was just kind of mesmorised I guess you could say. Good luck man, because you're going places.

Dustin Plegge - Balwin Missouri

How much longing...

The mood is great and the vocals are so yearning. I love the timbre of your voice. It is so dark...

Badkabuki - Las Vegas, Nevada

A sad song to listen to on a day like today, when it's cloudy and rainy on an early October day... I like that kind of mood.

EvaStone -

Emotional, simple and straightforward... A song I would listen to again

PhadeBand - Carmiel, Israel

A nicely performed song, a bit sad, but not kitschy, just touching.

SeurDeutsch -

Acousticariffic... your voice is incredible.

EricIgnition - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Really like this voice... reminds me of Aaron Neville but with a folksy flavor.

[Unknown reviewer] -

A neat, musically well-written sensitive delicate acoustic song with a haunting deeply melancholic vibe... it held me attention all the way thru.... I'm adding it to my playlist.

Steve Ison - Birmingham, UK

Music to smoke cigarettes to

The ghost of Nick Drake meets Elliot Smith. Very nice. A combination of pure mood and mellow edge... I'm in it for the emotion and the melody, both of which hit me as quite honest and real.

Ffloyd - Los Angeles, California