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Musicians' resources

Here's a list of a&r contacts at record labels. It's not all that extensive, but all the record companies listed below are ones we have talked to, so it's a good starting point. The independent labels in this list fit in with the music you'll find on this site. That is, they're sympathetic to acousticcy, mellow stuff. Many offer an eclectic selection of music, though. Where applicable, I've given examples of artists and bands already signed to each label.

Other Info

Sending off demos / "white labels"

  • Label every part of the package with your name and contact details
  • Make sure everything is neatly presented
  • Enclose a covering letter, saying why you are sending the demo
  • Visit the label's website to check that the kind of music they're putting out is similar to yours
  • Follow up with a phonecall to the person you've sent the demo to - most people reckon three or four days after is a good bet
  • More info on producing cheap demo CDs

Some really good advice about sending off demos can be found on radio 1's extensive OneMusic unsigned website

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