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Tom Kerswill


Mind's Eye EP

Tom's new CD, Mind's Eye has just been released. At the moment, the best place to purchase the EP is through a third-party distritbution site, GEMM. Once at their site, you can browse through the Tom Kerswill collection and choose between the new Mind's Eye EP, plus Tom's original demo EP. GEMM allows you to pay by credit or debit card. Happy browsing!

Mind's Eye EP

My Mind's Eye - acoustic and electronic music by Tom Kerswill, produced by TuneRise

My Mind's Eye

The title track of the EP is up-beat but contemplative at the same time. Free download of this track coming soon!

Track Listing

  • Believing the News
  • My Mind's Eye
  • Early Morning Blues
  • New Feeling

Previous songs

Always Be There - acoustic song by
Tom Kerswill

Always Be There

The latest of this set of songs. Written in 2003 at university. It's got elements of a love song but... well, isn't just a love song. This arrangement sets it with just vocals and acoustic guitar, plus some piano which was never meant to make it into the final mix but just, well, worked. In some ways an ode to modern life, in some ways just a simple acoustic song. more...

Lullaby - acoustic song by singer-songwriter Tom Kerswill


Written in the summer of 2000. How it came about is a long story, its tuning came into being after a long recording session with Joe Williams (recording his "Green Song"). Lullaby is one of the songs I most enjoy playing. More...

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